Is Your Cat Always Hiding?

How to Help Your Cat Stop Hiding

  1. Use FELIWAY® Optimum to help with excessive hiding

    • Hiding can be a sign that your cat is stressed
    • FELIWAY® is the #1 vet recommended brand that helps cats feel calmer and less stressed, leading to less stress related behaviors (like hiding)
    • Results may be seen in as soon as 7 days
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  2. Understand why your cat may be excessively hiding

    • Cats are known for being creatures of habit, so any changes within the home could be a stressor
    • Were there recent changes at home, like new furniture, redecorating, or moving to a new living space?
    • Have there been a lot of visitors, a new family member, or a new pet at home?
    • Is there competition or tension with another cat?
    • Make sure to be patient as your cat adjusts to changes in their environments; vets recommend using FELIWAY® to help cats to adjust to the changes in their environment
  3. Keep in mind, it is natural for cats to hide from time to time

    • Make sure to provide multiple hiding spots for your cats (cardboard boxes, baskets, etc.)
    • Hiding spots should be in easily accessible areas
    • Cats like their space, and they may just need some down time, so be sure to respect that
    • If you feel like your cat is hiding excessively or that they are hiding the majority of the day, their hiding may be a result of stress
  4. Consult your veterinarian

    • Underlying medical conditions can cause cats to hide, so make sure to talk with your veterinarian, especially if increased hiding is a recent change in behavior

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While periodic hiding is normal for cats, excessive hiding is not. If your cat is hiding all day, it could be a sign that they are stressed and trying to cope.

Many things can cause your cat to hide:

  • People: cats commonly hide from visitors
  • Noises: cats may hide if they are scared by sudden or loud noises
  • Recent changes at home: adding new furniture, remodeling, new baby in the family, etc.
  • Another pet in the home (or in the neighborhood): cats don’t like sharing resources like their litterbox, food bowls, etc… this may cause one cat to hide
  • Recent changes in your routine: has your typical schedule changed?
  • Several medical conditions cause pain or discomfort and may be a reason for your cat to hide. If your cat spends most of its time hidden, or if you've noticed an increase in the amount of time they spend hiding, consult your vet.

When your cat is hiding, leave them be, as they are communicating that they want alone time. Stroking them when they are trying to hide could unintentionally increase their level of stress. Wait for your cat to come to you and ask for attention.

Reward your cat with food or petting when they are able to cope without hiding. This positive reinforcement may encourage them.

Try to work out what is worrying them to help them feel more confident and spend more time out of hiding.

If you have several cats, give each cat their own food bowl, water bowl, litter box, etc. Put these in separate areas to avoid tension caused by competition.

Using FELIWAY® Optimum will help keep your cat's sense of security and their interest in interacting with you.