Tips if Your Cat Has a Reduced Appetite

  1. Consult with your vet

    • Medical issues can cause changes in appetite, so make sure to check in with your vet if your cat has had a loss in appetite
  2. Follow feeding “golden rules”

    • Offer tasty food: try different flavors, in both wet and dry formats, to see what your cat prefers. Food that is smelly to humans is very appealing to cats. Often times, the stinkier the better.
    • Have their food bowl in a quiet room
    • Ensure their food bowl (and water) is always accessible
    • Each cat should have their own food bowl, which is away from their water bowl and litterbox
  3. Try to understand why your cat's appetite may have changed

    • Has there been a recent change to their food? It is possible they do not like the new food
    • Is there competition with another cat for food? We recommend each cat have their own food bowl in separate locations
    • Have there been recent changes at home, such as moving, new furniture, or redecorating?
    • Recent traveling or boarding?
    • Other changes that could cause stress?
    • Cats are very habitual animals, so a seemingly small change can cause your cat stress; loss of appetite could be a sign of stress in your cat
    • If your cat is stressed due to a recent change, be sure to be patient with them as they adjust
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Why do cats lose their appetite?

Cats not eating can have either a medical or an emotional cause. We recommend consulting with your vet to rule out any possible medical causes for this change.

Cats will also eat less when they feel disturbed or insecure.

Many things may conflict with your cat’s natural need for stability, such as:

  • Traveling or a stay at a boarding facility disrupts your cat's normal routine
  • Changes in the home (e.g. new furniture, redecorating) can upset cats
  • A recent change in type of food, as it may take time to get used to a new diet
  • Competition with other cats for food or water, or even the presence of a dog, can keep your cat away from their food bowl
  • Use FELIWAY® Optimum to help keep your cat feeling comfortable and return to eating normally.