is your cat
afraid of visitors?


4 Expert Tips to Help your Cat Cope with Visitors

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FELIWAY Help! is perfect if you want to try out FELIWAY for 7 days, or need to help calm your cat during a short term situation! The 7 Day Diffuser Kit includes one diffuser, and one cartridge that will last for 7 days.

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FELIWAY® Help! may help reduce signs of stress such as scratching, urine spraying, and hiding. This product contains 3 refills that will each last 7 days. These refills are only compatible with a FELIWAY Help! diffuser.

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Other tips

Celebrating holidays can be one of the most challenging times for cats to cope with, as the home is full of changes and guests. Since cat's like routine, something as simple as new decorations can disrupt their comfort. Try introducing items slowly and give your favorite feline time to get used to them before guests arrive.

Cats tend to hide if things get too much for them. This is their way of coping. To understand more about cat hiding read our article, Why do cats hide and what you can do about it. This will help you encourage your cat to return to their normal happy interactive character.

FELIWAY Help! is ideal for temporary stressful situations, one cartridge lasts for 7 days, so is ideal to help reduce signs of cat stress when you have visitors or are planning a party.

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