Solving Crimes with Cat Hair and Other Curious Qualities!


June 05, 2024

Balinese cat curled up in a basket.
Cats are known for their illustrious qualities, but now you can add fighting crime to their achievements! We’re exploring the intriguing features of cat fur.

When Is Cat Shedding Season?


April 18, 2024

 Longhaired cat sitting on a lap.
From fur in your sock drawer to sitting in your morning coffee, cat shedding season is here! Learn more about why cats shed and find expert tips for grooming.

Which FELIWAY Should I Use, and When?


September 14, 2023

Which FELIWAY Should I Use, and When?
Everyday life comes with its challenges for our feline friends. From stress to overgrooming, urine spraying to inter-pet conflict, and even simple changes in the home – there is a lot for our...

How To Stop Your Cat From Over-grooming


December 04, 2022

how to stop your cat from overgrooming
Did you know that grooming is a learned behavior that helps your purr-fect kitty stay clean and soothe themselves? Some grooming is necessary for your furry friend to keep their coat looking...

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