How can I leave my cat alone

Essentials for leaving your cat home alone

Expert Tips For Leaving Your Cat For 2-3 Days

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FELIWAY Help! is perfect if you want to try out FELIWAY for 7 days, or need to help calm your cat during a short term situation! The 7 Day Diffuser Kit includes one diffuser, and one cartridge that will last for 7 days.

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FELIWAY® Help! may help reduce signs of stress such as scratching, urine spraying, and hiding. This product contains 3 refills that will each last 7 days. These refills are only compatible with a FELIWAY Help! diffuser.

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Other tips

Cats Don't Like Change

Cats are creatures of habit and any change can affect their well-being.

There are a number of options to consider when you are going away. You could use a cat sitter, find a boarding option, or leave them alone at home. But how can you ensure your cat remains happy whichever option you choose?

Considering a cat sitter or a boarder?

The choice should be made considering your cat's personality and their preferences. There are pros and cons to having a cat sitter or boarding your cat.

Home care is often easier as it allows your cat to stay in their familiar environment and maintain a similar routine to normal.

Leaving your cat home alone?

The alternative is to leave your cat alone in your own home. Check out our blog for some tips on how long you can leave your feline friend and how to prepare.

FELIWAY Help!  is the ideal solution for temporary stressful situations. One cartridge lasts 7 days, so is ideal to help reduce signs of stress if you choose to leave your feline ome alone for the weekend.

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