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How Long Does FELIWAY Take to Work?

How Long Does FELIWAY Take to Work?

But how long does it take for FELIWAY to work before you see the results? Remember that this can depend on a number of factors, like your home environment, the way you use it, and your particular cat. For some products you will see an immediate effect, while it may take longer for other products to make a difference.

Are you finding that your purrfect feline friend is not settling down as quickly as you want them to? Are they showing signs of stress, like spraying, scratching or hiding?

If your cat is new to your home, it can take a little while for them to fully relax; after all if your kitty is still young, they may be missing their cat mummy and the rest of their litter as well as all of those familiar smells and sounds.

If they are an older cat, they may be stressed if something new has happened in their home - have you redecorated, have you moved home, is there a new baby in the house or have you introduced a new pet into the household?

If you’ve noticed that your kitty is getting stressed by any changes to their environment or routine, or by another cat, then you might be considering using FELIWAY. FELIWAY supports your feline family, and helps your kitty adjust to a range of different situations.

feliway diffuser plug in

How Long Does it Take for a FELIWAY Classic Diffuser to Work?

When cats are relaxed and happy they mark their territory by rubbing against people, corners and furniture - and sometimes other pets too. This releases ‘happy messages’, scientifically known as pheromones. But if your cat is not entirely comfortable they don’t release these happy messages but instead they may start hiding, spraying or scratching objects around the home instead.

Using a FELIWAY Classic Diffuser can help, as it replicates the natural pheromones produced by cats, diffusing them into the surrounding environment, helping your cat feel safe and secure.

You could see results of using the diffuser within a week or so, but this depends on how long signs of stress have been present, and their severity, so it may take longer. Stick with it - we recommend using FELIWAY Classic for at least a month and make sure you do not place it behind furniture or behind curtains as this will prevent the circulation of the warm air, making it ineffective.

Diffusers should be left plugged in 24/7 - trials show that continuous use gets the best effect. However, keep an eye on the vial (which should last about 30 days) and replace it regularly.

Feliway Classic 60ml Spray copy-1

How Long Does it Take for FELIWAY Classic Spray to Work?

Releasing the same ‘happy messages’ as the FELIWAY Classic Diffuser, the FELIWAY Classic Spray is the ‘instant’ version which is frequently used if you want to travel with your cat or if there are signs that your cat is scratching walls or furniture outside of the area where your FELIWAY Classic Diffuser is plugged in.

FELIWAY Classic Spray is an effective way of calming your cat if you are going on a car journey. It will work almost immediately but you must spray the area where your cat will be (for example their cat carrier) 15 minutes before your cat enters. This allows the alcohol base to evaporate, leaving behind the non-smelling pheromone, which will help to make your cat feel relaxed and calm.

The FELIWAY Classic Spray should last for 4-5 hours, so if you are planning a longer journey, you may have to reapply - but remember DO NOT spray directly onto your cat and remove your cat from the carrier for 15 minutes to allow the alcohol to evaporate.


What about FELIWAY MultiCat?

If you have two (or more!) kitties in your household, but they don’t seem to be the best of furry friends, FELIWAY MultiCat is here to help!

Plugged into the space where your pets spend the most time, a FELIWAY Friends Diffuser can help to reduce conflict between cats living together, and prevent signs like fighting, chasing, blocking, staring.

When used continuously, it can help to maintain constant harmony and help your cats get along better at home.


Which Product is Best?

There is no right answer here - the products you choose will depend on your unique situation - however we do recommend using FELIWAY Classic Spray to support your cat in specific instances such as when on the go or travelling, and a FELIWAY Classic Diffuser for continuous, everyday support in the home.

For more information on the best product and advice to support try our interactive app How Happy Is Your Cat?

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