What Do My Cat’s Sleeping Positions Mean?


April 11, 2024

Cat sleeping next to human.
As amusing as they can be, have you ever wondered what your cat’s sleeping positions mean? From the adorable to the absurd, we’re exploring them one-by-one!

Why Do Some Cats Like To Sit On Laps? A Kitty Point Of View!


March 28, 2024

 Tabby cat asleep on a lap.
Some cats love sitting in their human’s lap while others much prefer not to. So, what’s the reasoning behind this cat behavior? Learn more about lap cats here!

Important Cat Personality Traits: Happy Cat Expert


January 04, 2024

Grey cat being scratched under the chin
Cats have the potential to make fantastic and rewarding companions. To best facilitate this, however, choosing the right cat is important! In today’s Happy Cat Expert article, we’re looking at the importance...

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Scared Of Fireworks?


November 29, 2023

Black and white cat hiding
It feels like summer was only yesterday, yet somehow New Year’s Eve is already just round the corner. For our beloved pets, this usually means just one thing: flashing lights, colorful displays,...

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