Everything You Need For A Cat: The Must-Have Item Checklist


April 25, 2024

Human with their cat and a food bowl.
Do you have a new cat on the way to finding their forever home? Adopting a cat is such a rewarding adventure and we have no doubt that you’ll love every moment...

How To Maintain A Cat-Friendly Home While Spring Cleaning


March 21, 2024

 Black cat playing with a mop.
It’s time to think about spring cleaning! But while humans love tidiness and order, cats may disagree. Here are our decluttering tips for a cat-friendly home.

What Time Of Day Do Cats Sleep The Most?


November 29, 2023

Sleeping grey cat
Cats are intriguing, mystifying creatures, and not least of all when we’re discussing their sleeping patterns. How many hours a day do cats sleep? When do they snooze the most? And when...

25 Facts About the Bombay Cat!

by: karim koaik

September 14, 2023

25 Facts About the Bombay Cat!
Is that a sleek and mysterious panther? No, it’s a Bombay cat! Elegant yet strong, most Bombay cats are sociable, active and curious – and are much-loved feline friends!  There’s so much...

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