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Siberian cat with green eyes.

What Do Cats Think About All Day? A Kitty’s Point Of View!

Ah, welcome, my dear human – I was wondering when I’d be seeing you again. You know, you humans are a strange lot, what with your furless bodies and your fancy two-legged ways. In fact, I can’t begin to ponder what you lot get up to all day. I don’t think I’ve seen you scratching the furniture or trying to climb the curtains once!

Oh dear, I didn’t mean to make you feel self-conscious. I’m sure you try your best. Perhaps you just need to work on growing your nails a little pointier?

Actually, I think I have the perfect idea of how to make things better. All you need is a lesson in cat behavior! Come with me and I’ll take you on a tour inside a cat’s mind. A day of my company and you’ll be grooming, hunting, and napping with the best of us.

Understanding the Feline Mindset

First off, you must understand that we cats are a bohemian lot. We live in the present. The worries of tomorrow are not a worry for today! 

So, when it comes to what cats think about the majority of the time, it has to be how we can best and most easily fulfil our basic needs. In short, the most pressing matters of my day are food, water, toileting, resting, playing, scratching, and generally keeping a close eye on the comings and goings within my territory. Enough to keep even the most industrious kitty busy.

Cat resting on a hanging rope.

That said, for all our present-minded ways, you just need one peek inside a cat’s mind to know we also appreciate some good routine and predictability. It’s all very well having food or playtime on the mind, but it helps to know when I can look forward to it.

Remember last week when you gave me a treat during your coffee break several days on the trot? First of all, yes, it was delicious. Second, you can be sure I was waiting there at the same time each day following, ready for a repeat performance. Those experiences shape our expectations, and when our routine gets disturbed, that’s when our day begins to go downhill.

What I’m getting at is that really you should be giving me a great deal more treats. That’s what cats really think about all day – you can take my word for it.

A Cat’s Daily Priorities

Now, let’s talk priorities. Inside a cat’s mind is a whole array of important tasks to be completed each and every day:

  • Scouting our Territory: Keeping an eye on our domain is key for maintaining law and order. While I’m on the prowl, you can be sure I’ll be alert to any intruders and strange goings on. 
  • Hunting (a.k.a Playing): Those toys aren’t going to pounce on themselves! Our playful antics are deeply rooted in our primal instinct to hunt, plus it keeps us agile and mentally entertained.
  • Rest and Relaxation: Contrary to popular belief, us cats are not a lazy bunch. We are merely energy efficient. We sleep and rest a lot, recharging our batteries for our next big adventure (meal).
  • Cat bumping hands with young woman.

    What Do Cats Think About Humans?

    Ah, well, this is an awkward question . . . What do cats think about humans? Well, many of us think of you as oversized, clumsy cats! You may look a little odd and your pouncing skills are frankly terrible, but at the end of the day, you’re family. We don’t always show our affection in ways you might expect – we’re not fans of hugging or kissing – but we do form strong bonds with our humans. We might rub against you, just like we would with another friendly cat, or we may just be content to sit near you in your company. Simply being comfortable in your presence can be enough affection for us.

    At least, this is what cats think about the humans we live with. Visitors to the home are another matter entirely! When they step inside our territory, they’re essentially intruding and we can find their presence a little distressing, so a little extra support is occasionally needed. Which leads us on to the next step of this tour, inside a cat’s mind . . .

    Understanding Unhappy Cats and How to Help

    I know, I know – us cats certainly appear to lead the perfect lifestyle. But alas, not every day can be as perfect as the last. There are a number of things that can bring us down: changes in routine, visitors to the home, even rival cats in the neighborhood. As our human companions, it’s down to you to spot the changes in our cat behavior and recognize when your kitty is unhappy or stressed. After all, if there’s anyone who can put things right, it’s going to be you!

    So, what is your cat’s face, body, and tail telling you? What about any noises we’re making? Learning to read your cat’s behavior is a useful skill that is sure to help us both in the long run. And remember, FELIWAY® Optimum is the perfect solution for creating a reassuring environment in the home. Simply plug the pheromone diffuser into an electrical socket in the room where I spend the majority of my time and I should be feeling comfortable in no time.

    Happy cat on a person's lap being stroked.

    A Unique Purr-spective on Life

    Now, we’re nearing the end of our delightful time together, so let me leave you with a few closing thoughts. When it comes to what cats think about all day, it’s not just about the immediate – food, play, sleep – but also about feeling safe, secure, and part of the family. Our perceptions may be different, but we’re not so different when it comes down to it. We both seek comfort, love, and a bit of adventure. Just, you know, with the minimum level of effort required, ideally. A cat’s got to sleep.

    Anyway, where was I? Ah yes. Next time you catch us staring off into the distance, know that we might be contemplating the deepest mysteries of the universe, but more likely we’re just eagerly anticipating our next meal. Either way, life from inside a cat’s mind is an intriguing blend of instinct, affection, and the occasional mischief. All in all, a pretty good place to be!

    There you have it. Time to say goodbye. Farewell, my overly tall friends. And yes, I do accept treats as tips for my services.

    What do you make of our whistle-stop tour of the inside of a cat’s mind? Get in touch and let us know! We always love hearing from you and discussing what our cats get up to. You can also stay up to date with all the latest updates from FELIWAY® by signing up to our newsletter.

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